Business Networking


What is networking, and how does it fit into the job search process? Networking is one of the best tools to use when you are looking for a new profession or hoping to advance your career within a company or industry. Most jobseekers think that networking is giving their resume to friends and colleagues, and then asking if they know anyone who is hiring.

Why Choose A+ Résumés & Career Coaching:

  • Understand the importance of networking and how to applies to your job search
  • Develop a strong, effective telephone technique for the purpose of obtaining a networking appointment
  • Create verbiage that will help you to develop solid business relationships
  • Develop a strong networking list and use the networks of others to increase your own
  • Let people know you are looking, without putting them on the spot
  • Understand how to fit networking into your busy schedule
  • Feel comfortable with the process

A+ Résumés & Career Coaching works for the best quality of services for our clients and our clients appreciate us for that.


Looking for employment is time-consuming and can be a frustrating situation. If you are currently looking for employment, you may ask yourself the following questions:
Networking is:
  • Building business relationships and making business contacts that don’t put friends and colleagues “on the spot.”
  • The best way to look for employment. Approximately 70-80% of jobs are gotten through “whom you know!”