The Qualities of a Professional Resume

The resume is a skillfully designed summary that provides information regarding your qualifications, work experience and education. Although a resume should not be an all-inclusive biography, it should select and showcase your transferable skills in such a way that it will generate job interviews! The importance of a professional resume should not be underestimated. It is your calling card, your marketing brochure and makes a statement about you long before that “first” meeting!
Hiring Managers Take Approximately 15 SECONDS To Read A Resume!
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Why Choose A+ Résumés & Career Coaching:

  • Accurately market the skills and abilities you have to sell
  • Be customized for the reader and the position of interest
  • Document your achieved results using quantitative or qualitative terminology
  • Demonstrate a proven track record that is relevant to potential employers
  • Focus on critical skills that impact business bottom line
  • Emphasize accomplishments, not just responsibilities
  • Be formatted in a style appropriate to your personal circumstances (Chronological, Functional, Combination, Curriculum Vitae)
  • Be visually appealing, with sufficient white space and margins
  • Create a professional document that omits pronouns and inappropriate personal information

A+ Résumés & Career Coaching works for the best quality of services for our clients and our clients appreciate us for that.

Why we do it better?

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Industrial Commission of Arizona.