Testimonial Letters from My Clients
Allie: Interview Coaching

Phoenix, Arizona

Martha was instrumental in helping me land my job. I had not interviewed in over 15 years. She helped me organize my thoughts and craft my answers in a concise and clear manner. She kept my emotions in-check throughout the multiple layers of interviewing. She was available in person, on the phone and through email. She was with me all the way, even through negotiations! Thank You Martha for your help.

Liz Kaplan: Resume & Career Coaching

Scottsdale, Arizona

I was introduced to Martha Rockwell in the summer of 2014 and worked with her on my resume and on interview coaching. I was an experienced professional and in between jobs at the time and knew that I had to get out of my “box” and sharpen up my resume and interview skills. Martha did a fantastic job in both making my resume stand out and have it focus on my accomplishments and skills. She is also an amazing teacher and coach and gave me many great tips to use during my interviews.

I was fortunate to receive a job offer for the position of Executive Director of the Arizona Coyotes Foundation after I worked with Martha. I believe I would not have received an interview and the job offer if it wasn’t for Martha. I highly recommend her services.

K.K.: Resume Writing

Phoenix, Arizona

I was getting ready to launch a search for a new career; my resume was in need of an update. I hadn’t had my resume professionally updated in more than 15 years. I was introduced to Martha through a career networking event, and hired her to work with me on updating my resume. I had done research on the up to date resume trends; she was right on target with her suggestions and was able to make many more that I was unaware of. Martha was able to tailor the key words we utilized in my resume to fit my industry, she was a great source of comfort and put me at ease during this time of transition.

I’m extremely happy with my resume, it is up to date, eye catching, concise and highlights my most recent career achievements. Martha is very accommodating and easy to work with, her ultimate goal is to please her customers. I would highly recommend her services.

Mary Daenger: Resume Creation & Update

Scottsdale, Arizona

I met Martha Rockwell at a Career Connectors event, where she volunteers her time, energy and expertise to assist job seekers. She created a powerful resume for me and continue to update changes to my work experience. Her sense of responsibility, enthusiasm, integrity and professionalism makes for a sterling experience.

Gisele Panzullo: Resume & Career Coaching

Scottsdale, Arizona

My resume was done professionally. I received great advice for conducting a great interview. I was able to find a job in less than a month.

Pamela Tudor: Technologies Project Manager, Resume Writing and Interview Coaching

Scottsdale, Arizona

Martha is awesome! I have known Martha for many years, both as a friend and professionally. She has helped me find employment several times over the past 10+ years and most recently when I lost my job at American Express in 2014 (due to a reorganization). Martha is a true professional.

In this day and age, the key to finding a rewarding career is having a great LinkedIn profile, a great resume AND a great career coach. My resume (written by Martha) has gotten a ton of attention from recruiters and hiring companies more than any other resume I have used in the past. In fact, several Employment Specialists with the City of Phoenix have told me that my resume is “excellent” and “one of the best” that they have ever seen!

In addition to her resume writing services, Martha provides her clients with a ton of materials pertinent to a.) formulating your likes/dislikes and your elevator speech, b.) learning how to properly network (yes, there is an art to networking) and c.) invaluable advice on interviewing. I am no spring chicken and I am here to tell you that in the past two years, I have had to look for employment twice and both times, I have secured jobs within less than 3 weeks, thanks to Martha.

I highly recommend Martha to anyone who wants professional help in securing employment in record time!

Thanks Martha!

Nick Rago: Resume & Martha, put facts and Life into my BIO

Phoenix, Arizona

I just had the pleasure of meeting Martha in Nov 2016, she quickly met with me and helped me reach my personal Bio goal ! She is objective,focused and delivers on time. Martha,is fun to work with and a good listener too, I will work with Martha again.Thank you, Now go “Make Today Your Day ” Nick Rago

Lawrence Rheins PhD: Resume & Life Science Executive

Phoenix, Arizona

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Martha for over four years. She is engaging, keenly detailed and very professional in her efforts. Most recently she assisted on upgrading my resume to expectations in the 2017 job market. The increasing utilization of digital review and screening of resume and other applicant materials, requires a bit of re-orientation in presenting resumes and accompanying cover letters. Martha did an exceptional job on delivering a tight, succinct, yet comprehensive resume.


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