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Why I Do What I Do And Why You Should Care?

I have raised three wonderful children and am the grandmother of four. No different than anyone else, I have had my share of disappointments and happiness.

I earned a degree in Elementary Education from Arizona State University and taught second grade. My career has taken many twists and turns throughout the years, having spent most of my career in sales. Since 1998, I have found and followed the career path of my dreams……as a professional resume writer and career coach.

As a CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer), I currently own and operate A+ Resumes & Career Coaching, LLC, an all-inclusive company that offers resume writing and career services. Career services include career assessment, defining your personal work preferences, networking, interviewing, salary negotiation and time management. Although I have re-invented myself four times during my life, I have found a career that is my passion.

Recently, one of my friends asked me about my self-esteem. I took that to be a question regarding how I value myself, how I perceive my value to the world and to others. I told her I feel best when my clients land jobs and when I know I’ve made a difference in their lives. Several years ago, one of my male clients called me and said “When I read the resume for the first, time, I almost cried…I couldn’t believe it was me!” Your success is my success!

There are several reasons you may reach out to me for help: 1) you have just your job, 2) you are unhappy where you are currently working and feel unappreciated and/or are underpaid, 3) you are working towards a promotion and 4) you want to update your resume and job search skills “just in case.” In all scenarios, you are mentally in TRANSITION. You may have been ruminating about your circumstances for months or years before you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and take action.

My job is to help you through this transition. No one is born knowing how to write a resume, what to say at an interview or how to conduct themselves in a networking situation. I will educate you and be there for support.

There are many resume writers and career coaches that you could go to for information and advice. What sets me apart from the others are: 1) I meet with my clients (if that is their choice); 3) everything I do is custom…I don’t write “cookie-cutter” resumes; 3) 3-5-10 years down the road if you need an update…or your computer has crashed….or you have somehow lost your resume, not to worry….I will always have it on file; and 4) I am always available for support.

You deserve to enjoy your work….I’ll do my best to help you find your passion….a passion that will motivate you to get up every morning and achieve that wonderful feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Let’s have a conversation and get started!


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