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Have you been sending out resumes with no results? Truth be told – you may think your resume is great, but it could be hindering your employment opportunities.

Resume trends change, and with Applicant Tracking Systems in place, you may be spinning your wheels. If you don’t know the appropriate resume format for your specific targeted job, in addition to including critical key words, your resume may end up in cyberspace – and you won’t get an interview.

When you hire a professional resume writer, he/she will construct a unique marketing tool formatted for your specific career path. A professional resume writer will suggest a chronological, functional, combination or targeted resume which will quantify and highlight your accomplishments. In addition, a professional resume writer will discern what needs to be listed on your resume while ensuring it is well-written and free of errors. This will allow your resume higher visibility and will also help in deterring from the applicant tracking systems in place.

Resume writing is an art and those who have been trained to do so can help you land that dream job. Whether you are in need of an executive resume or fresh out of college and in need of a ‘first’ resume, A+ Resumes can work with you to construct a highly visible resume. We are also available for any executive coaching you may need.

If you are looking for a certified resume writer in Arizona, call us for a free 15 minute consultation our professional resume writing services, and executive interview coaching.

We also can work remotely with job seekers within the United States.


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