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As a professional career coach, one of the most frustrating times, is when a job seeker calls me on a Monday and says: “I have an interview on Wednesday….can you help me prepare?” Preparing one or two days before an interview is too late…..so: when is the best time to get ready for an interview?

Believe it or not, the best time to get ready for an interview is WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE ONE!!!

The minute you decide to start looking for employment…whether it is a career change, a promotion, or the same type of work with another company, that is the time to start getting ready. Imagine how much better you will do if you start preparing without any pressure!!!!!

First, start with the job title you are interested in pursuing. Then look up online and make copies of various positions that you are interested in and/or qualify for. (Be sure that your resume meets the requirements with keywords and quantifiable results).

Get a list of questions that you anticipate could be asked. The WRITE OUT answers to those questions. Most people are visual learners, and you will remember your answers better if you write them out, rather than say them orally. Look at each answer to your questions and ask yourself: “Is this the best answer I can give?” If you are not happy with that answer, REWRITE it until you are satisfied.

THEN PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE with a friend until you can answer the questions without hesitation.

For a list of the most common interview questions, please go to my website: www.confidencebuilder.net, and I will email them to you.


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