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Change Your Career, Change Your Life

There are several reasons why people look for employment. Either they have been recently laid off or let go (no choice) or they are independently choosing to make a career change. This could include a new career entirely, hoping for a promotion in their current field, or just feel like “seeing what’s out there.”

The emotions are different, depending on the circumstances. If your situation has been “decided for you,” you are dealing with many emotions simultaneously…. that could include denial, shock, fear, confusion, and stress. You may not fully understand why this has happened, which makes the situation more upsetting.

The first thing to understand is that looking for employment is not easy and can be an emotional roller coaster. One minute you feel fine...” knowing” you will be OK...and two minutes later, you are in the depths of fear and anxiety. What you are experiencing is NORMAL and has a direct correlation to areas of concern, such as your current financial situation, as well as other pressures, some of which could be self-imposed.

Take a personal inventory as you are going through this change. Strive for BALANCE in your life. This includes your sleep, eating, and exercise habits. Spend time with people that nourish your soul….those that are positive and supportive. Additionally, you may want to start to meditate. This is one area that will help you relax and feel centered.


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