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Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings... You Have Much To Be Thankful For... Judging Our Insides By Others' Outsides...

Sometimes when we are experiencing a difficult time…or a big disappointment, we tend to think…”Why am I
the only one facing these obstacles?”  

We look at others and think that we are the only ones facing adversity…..the bottom line is:


No one escapes disappointments or issues involving difficulty with money, health, jobs, or raising children. Everyone has
the same problems….. it's just that we don’t “know” what problems, disappointments, and difficulties others are
going through. We assume that we are the only ones experiencing adversity.

Human beings judge our insides by others’ outsides…..

It is known….that if everyone hung out their dirty laundry (problems), most likely you would take your own

I have five friends who have lost children due to illness. They have spouses, plenty of money, beautiful homes,
money for trips, fancy dinners, and appear to “have it all.” Would you honestly trade places with them? Most
likely not….you would take your own troubles back.

Life is not easy…..it is truly difficult. Life circumstances, good and bad, don’t last forever…..life can change on a

Count your blessings….you have much to be thankful for……


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