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I Just Got Hired!!!! Now I Can Relax!!!!

First, congratulations on your new job! I know that looking for work is incredibly stressful on many levels. Now that you are officially hired….you need to congratulate yourself and take some emotional time off! You certainly deserve it.

However, one must be careful not to become complacent. Just because you have finally landed, there are some items to remember:

  • First and especially important is to stay connected with your networking folks. (Hopefully, you have been in contact with your networking associates throughout your recent job search). Unfortunately, most job seekers don’t even have or use their networking contacts to help them secure employment. Usually, C-level and top managers understand the importance of maintaining an updated networking list.
  • From day one, start a journal to keep track of your accomplishments. Be specific as to numbers and data. Additionally, this could include earning a promotion and recognition for a job well done. Make sure you note any leadership roles you have been assigned.
  • Update your resume. Don’t wait until you’re looking for a job to update the document. Particularly keep track of specific numbers and dates. If you wait until you are actually for new employment, you may, (or will) forget specific “numbers” such as increases in sales, decreases in rework, and increases in efficiency. Employers are always looking for specific figures that increase the bottom line. If you don’t notate them, you will forget.
  • Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date.

For more information on this and other blogs relating to your job search, go to my website: www.confidencebuilder.net.


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