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Positives & Negatives - I Really Like My Job But...

It is rare for a worker to like everything about his or her job.

Everybody wants to look forward to their workday with enthusiasm and joy…. However, it is impossible to love absolutely everything about what you do. The things that cause you stress or anxiety could be minimal, or they could be affecting you mentally and/or emotionally.

So, here we are. You just got fired and am thinking about that last opportunity…. with good and negative feelings about what your responsibilities were. You are thinking…” What do I want to do next? I enjoyed what I did, but some responsibilities caused me stress, aggravation, and anxiety.”

Hold your horses!!! You need to take 5…or realistically 10! Don’t be in a hurry…. start noting some information that will help you decide the kind of environment you would like to have in your next opportunity. You can be honest… you are the only person who will see this list.

If you are interested in identifying items you would like to have and in those you would not like to have in your opportunity, go to www.confidencebuilder.net. Answer the three questions on the homepage and you will win an ½ hour consultation of worthwhile advice AND the worksheet, “POSITIVES & NEGATIVES” to help you through this step in your job search.


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