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Quantifying Your Accomplishments

Whenever I receive resumes from a prospective client, the biggest criticism I have is the lack of quantifiable results reflected in their accomplishments (or bullet points).

Quantifying results show the reader the job seeker’s impact on the company in sales revenue or operations.

Employers are looking for two things:

1) are you able to meet the qualifications of the position?
2) are you able to add to the bottom line (profit)?

The definition of quantifiable: can be expressed as an amount, quantity, or numerical value: capable of being quantified OR having the ability to predict with good accuracy the figure or percentage.

Here are some good examples of a bullet point taken off a resume:

a) Original bullet (Not quantified):

 Created training materials each month, which played a crucial role in Welcome Season and ramp planning. Facilitated training classes for new hires and upskilling current colleagues, which reduced attrition rates.

b) New bullet quantified):

 Decreased attrition from 6-8% to 2-3% by working with various teams to ensure a seamless “Welcome Season” that included enhanced work instructions, improved training, and updated Production Reness Certification (PRC).

a) Original bullet (Not quantified):

 Recognized for achieving sales goals using in-depth product knowledge and professional sales methods.

b) New bullet (quantified):

 Achieved #1 in sales for each quarter, 95% over sales goals due to in-depth product knowledge and professional sales methods.

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