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Would You Rather Be Right or Be Happy?

Wow! What a question!!!


Most recently I was able to observe a serious but unfortunate relationship between a father and son. The son had decided that he was the “head of the family,” and the father was upset because he viewed himself as the “head.” There were other issues of disagreement as well.

If any verbal communication took place, it ended up as a shouting match. The disagreements were so intense, that they did not communicate for about two years.

Unfortunately, the father passed away before peace was made….

This is an example of two people whose egos were involved.  Think about how easy it would have been to just accept that there would be a difference of opinion on certain subjects…and to understand and accept that there were other more important things…. How about love, acceptance, tolerance, etc.? Parents and “children” don’t agree on everything…..

Is it that important to be right?  In the long run, it doesn’t matter.

I would rather be happy.  How about you?


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